The Queen

by A Modern Animal

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released June 19, 2012

The Queen EP Produced by Dan Ellis and Michael John Thomas III

Recorded and co-mixed by MJTIII at Basement Screams in Boston, MA (

Mixed by Ryan Siegel (@RyanEXOE)

Mastered by Evan Miles Anderson

Album art by Matt Capucilli (


The Queen EP Performances:

Dan Ellis - vocals, guitar, bass

MJTIII - drums, keyboards, synthesizers, bass

All music and lyrics written by Dan Ellis


Matt Capucilli



all rights reserved


A Modern Animal New York, New York

A Modern Animal is Dan Ellis

EP Performances:

Dan Ellis - guitar, vocals, bass

Michael John Thomas III - drums, bass, keyboards, synthesizers

All music and lyrics written by Dan Ellis
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Track Name: 01 All the Bends
Don't remind me why I did all the things that led to the instance at hand.
Just wait around and see, I never wanted anybody, ask around, she's nothing to me.
Cry on my shoulder and I will take your heart and place it in your little hands.
Don't frown, don't frown. All this for one man?

I would never drink from a cup like her's
If I could ever taste someone else just like her.
I would drink them down and multiply these overwhelming hearts.
If you'd only listen now, I've found another drug to get me high.

Watching the terrible, twisted ascension,
Fly like the feeblest fowl, no discretion.
Time isn't turning the ageless to reason,
Echoing night screams of love and devotion.

I don't know why I'm still alive,
I should have hit the ground alone so long ago.
I don't know how I'm still alive,
I've lost my breath so many times like this before.
Why was all this for one man?
Track Name: 02 Dabble
for Devin.

Now look at me, don't lie
Crossing my heart, I won't cry
We won't have to stay but for a while
No one has to know why, why
It's just, you believe in God?

We're fine, this'll all blow by
Start the car, we've got a 4 hour drive
He said himself, "I'll see you in a while."
Dangling keys in rhythm with the tires
So then, do you believe in God?

Pray when he went to sleep
Rays through the colored glass
What a waste of down time
In bed where he wants to be
Laid the covers down
Left to dabble alone all night

In the southern breeze the sky is opening
but the clouds, they seemed harmless
There's a tidal wave reaching all the way
to the city lights downtown

Through the door, turned down the lights,
the shadows trace and the heart excites.
The form is there, but it's compromised,
a childish hope fades with the changing faces.
Is doing this a way to cope?

Under shrouded lives it's the mothers who call and remind us what living is for.
But the lonely eyes of the loveliest soul have lost their sight and broken us all.

Come and lament the famous fools
A man who has changed this whole room
Adding to a million makes one more who proves
that no one will answer why those 24 years have gone
Track Name: 03 The Queen
On top of those long legs O! what an asset to crown
As the flood light moves down she knows to breath out, she's flowing
It cuts the sound out.

No starry fool is so bold,
She'll be holding on me.

Trail rising red on her wings
By the starlight push in slow, deeper baby
She knows that by midnight, she's glowing and moans she's close to breaking.

Come like the others but you're not safe here,
I would trade you for someone new.
As for a jealous, insecure love?
I would drag you to someone new.
Track Name: 04 Shell Game
Hey, you there, did you think it could be so easy?
Weren't you scared when she pulled away your skin and exposed your lungs?

Hit the lights, it's easy. You can't see when you're blinded.
You've run aground so watch your answers.

If I should die with nothing other than piece of mind that she's always writing lies, (I can't take another.)
Like a child, she can't be left alone.

Our love is divine? I'll show you how to forget the way he loved you like that, just let me love you like that.
But it's all a lie.

Other hand turns over, all the while you're blinded.
You've run aground so watch your answers.

Wait a minute here, what are you trying to do to me?
Is it fair if I keep my hands up here and only listen to you speak?
Track Name: 05 Rib Cage
I never followed anyone so far out.
I would have stood by you until the sun burned us down.
I separated all the other one's who were crowding 'round your throne,
you wouldn't believe what I'd do for you.
But I won't.

You never felt so cold as you did last night.
I never thought it could be so vacant.
Why can't it be like other nights when I held you in my arms?
I don't believe it meant anything to you.
So I won't waste my time.

Where was the knife you left in me last night?
Was it your perfect beauty that caught me by the rib cage?
I just wanted to hold you for the night.
What was that flash of callous indifference?
I could guess that you've found somebody new.

From where I lay awake I could see you still sleeping.
I should have been next to you but you made yourself as clear as the glass wall that kept me over there, on your couch.
You seemed complacent just to be far enough from me until I had to leave,
but I'd never ever waste your time.

…I could ask,
Maybe I shouldn't have set myself up for another?
Crossing the state lines alone with my thoughts turning over.
Endlessly wading back home.

I can't look at you when you've turned to another,
Can't get myself out of here any faster,
Endlessly wading back home.

Pulled off the road, alone in a motel.
I can't fall asleep because my body is too cold, trying to shut her out.